A Christmas Dinner

Can I tell you a secret...Christmas season is not the same to me back when I was still a growing child. Maybe it  reminds me of things that I have lost and can no longer bring back in my life. Aside from traffic jams, Malls that are packed and the annual Christmas Planner from Starbucks...there are some good things that I look forward to during Holidays. One of which are reunions with my closest friends...and my best friend hosted an intimate dinner party at her place last Sunday. She loves to cook and is very amazing in what she does and served her guest an amazing 7 course dinner. AMAZING FOOD + FRIENDS = My Holidays is now complete!!!
star of the night: Pork Pot Roast. SUPER YUM!!!!
Cream Dory in tomatoes. DELISH!!!!
Pasta in Olive Oil and veggies
Spicy Buffalo Wings
Liver Pate
Spinach and Artichoke in Sour Cream. MY FAVE!!!!
Greens in Lemon
Eiffel Tower!!! Wish I can go to Paris one day. Behind..."WOW" Words of Wisdom...so TRUE!!!
Masterchef and my bestfriend Kae!!! She is not yet drunk...lol
Had the most wonderful evening, got to meet new people. It would be more fun, if at least 90% of invited showed up...LOL. Nevertheless, Kae, "Thank you for a wonderful evening and for the best tasting dinner ever!!!"

Happy Christmas everyone!!!


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