10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

July 23, 22:33...just a couple of hours and it's almost my Birthday. Just wanted to do this before I go to sleep and turn another year older (..hoping to be wiser as well). Just to shake things up differently I will be sharing 10 (silly-little) things that you didn't know about me.

1.) #1 SEX AND THE CITY FAN. Ask me anything about the series or the movie and I can give you a straight "A" answers. I LOVE YOU SJP!!!

2.) SPICE GIRLS rule the world!!! I was called Baby Spice (Emma Bunton...my fave) during my college years.

3.) SHOES are my ultimate Fetish. I have more than 70 pairs of shoes (...which I may need to relieve off my closet soon)

4.) SWEET TOOTH, I love anything sweet. From cakes, pastries, rice cakes, chocolate bars especially the local ones (sold in our local sari-sari store) and candies!!!

5.) Didn't study Fashion. I graduated as an Interior Designer and worked freelance.

6.) Worked in BPO for 7-8 years with an impressive career and decided to gamble everything as a Shoe Designer :D

7.) Super OC when it comes to order, time management, cleanliness etc. :D

8.) I have a baby Chihuahua and her name is Milan. I love her so much. (For those who have seen her..you'll understand why.)

9.) I love to travel around the world!!!

10.) I am IN LOVE for almost 4 years now!!!

...just sharing!!!

P.S. maybe I would like to add point # 11.) I would DIE for my Shoe Business!!! :D

Thank you for taking time to read this. :D

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