Happy Bday RED PUMPS

04-24-2012 marks a very special date for me. As everyone knows, it was the day that I launch my Shoe Line: THE RED PUMPS. Nothing Fancy...I didn't throw a soiree or a grand launch party. But I bombarded my BLOGS and FB Page with "good-old" Teasers, Announcements, Blog posts, Photo posts and who could forget tagging (...sorry guys, just this one time.) well at least not everyone on my address book. :D

It was a very happy and ecstatic day for me. Since I have conceptualized this day since October last year and have been on product development phase for 4-5 months. Also a little bit anxious to keep the investment rolling, as I have indefinitely left my source of income- BPO industry.

I woke up really early today...like 7am. (...hahaha, for me that is really early. Usually I will wake up around 9am. I think my body clock hasn't totally abandoned my graveyard schedule before) and started posting online about the grand opening of THE RED PUMPS. To my surprise, I received a very special gift to commemorate the Birthday of my new baby: The Red Pumps.
Cake I received for The Red Pumps Birthday!!! I was really really surprised!!!! :D
"Happy Birthday The Red Pumps 04-24" was the dedication....isn't that very sweet!!!
The very special date!!!!
I would also like to get this opportunity to say BIG THANK YOU to everyone who showed LOVED & SUPPORT for The Red Pumps. We really do appreciate this!!!

If you have time, please visit our official website at www.theredpumps.com

Thank you again!!!!


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