Happy Andrada Holiday Collection 2011

The crowd went wild when all the models walked at the runway at the same time. The mood was set and the design aesthetic of Happy's collection is more of a futuristic approach. Charcoal, Gray/ Silver, Black are the color palette chosen. Every piece is a masterpiece, with such attention to details from the whimsical hats (which I would love to have one...) the models are wearing down to the glittered stockings and lovely shoes the models are wearing. I enjoyed this collection. Congratulations Happy!!!!
Photographed by Ron Ramiro

6/11/2011 05:49:37 pm

I'm seeing Lady Gaga and I'm loving it. The attention to detail is really spot on. The construction is immaculate, even though there are some heavy details are shown the dress, it doesn't overpower it. The hats adds a bit more drama to an already awesome runway...


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