_Gray Sky

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Brown Shirt: Diego
Brown Pleated Pants: Tailored
Leather Slip-On Oxfords: Forest Hill Vintage
Leather Satchel: Marcel Strauss
Foxtail: from Bloggers United Bazaar
Rings: Forever21 and SM Dept Store
Bowler Hat: Rebel Gear
Silver Necklace: TPE

Yesterday, first day of the weekend I have to run some errands for the business. I went to MOA to meet up with Yen, went to the gym and finish some business errands. Since I was already at the Mall, I also decided to do a little shopping. :D This is what I wore, going back to my roots- something relaxed and Boho.

Hope you like it. :D

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I am so in love with the foxtail that I got from the most recent Bloggers United...just one dilemma...the fur keeps on sticking to my pants...anyone knows the fix? :D
It was midday however it is not to sunny, more of Gray skies... but it didn't stop me from having so much fun over the weekend. :D
...at the end of the day though, I got 2 huge blisters on my toes because of my shoes. I love them but sometimes my shoes are killing me...LOL. On a side note, I was able to buy these really really amazing (I call them "Lady Gaga") rings from Oxygen. I so love their reinvented look, last weekend I bought 2 shirts and now 2 rings that is simply to die for.

Aside from the rings that I bought, I had a brilliant idea that I would be adding to my current line-up of The Red Pumps. I will announce this really really soon.

Tomorrow morning, we will head out early to Marikina to meet my Shoe Manufacturer. There has been so much delay with the process and honestly it has gave me a lot of stress already and I am hoping that everything would run smoother so that we can push through with the launch of The Red Pumps.

Have a great weekend everyone. Kisses. :D


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