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Few of my Favorite Things

It is midweek already and I know I have said it a million times, but I am so excited what this coming weekend will bring us.

I don't know if it is just fate, but our hotel was strategically in the middle of everything I can possibly dream of. Near MRT Station which is your easy route for everything here and most importantly it is near one of Taipei's best shopping destinations...Ximending. I am telling everyone here that I would be so happy if back in Manila I would be situated in a place near a huge shopping district. :D

Last Saturday, we were supposed to go to Taipei101 however crazy weather was upon us. Very sunny, high and dry during daytime and on the afternoon, rain is pouring. So we just decided to cancel our plan for the next day. After this, I found myself wandering Ximending on my own. I feel that is my mission to really decipher hidden treasures within the district...and so I did.

I just wanted to share few of my new favorite things that I bought over the weekend. :D
...looks familiar??? Yup, it is the same Mandals I bought previously only in different color. You can check it here. I said to myself, "Oh well since there is nothing like this in Manila." Really unique and comfortable...am I so in love!!!! :D
I call this one my "Judas Sandals" I don't know why or the reason I am so drawn to sandals nowadays...maybe it is because they are really comfortable to wear. Can't wait to try this one...
This is my ultimate frustration right now...I haven't bought these lovely platform brogues although I have went back and forth the store twice already. I found this on one of hidden underground stores in Ximending. My issue with these shoes were: 1.) Size, they don't have stock anymore so no available sizes. It just fits me perfectly and had little room for my feet inside. 2.) Color, I would love a brown brogues rather. I will have my final decision before we leave Taipei... :D
...Tank Tops and Shirts. This is not on my shopping list since I have a distinct need and desire for my top. But when I tried them on, they were pretty good and practically bought this on a bargain.
Feather Neck piece with Leather Necklace. So Boho-chic. I just have to have this and can't wait to wair on those        feeling-laid-back-days.
Couple of weeks back, I was able to purchase a Leopard print Neck Tie, I just have to come back to the same store since I need another one as a gift and then I sae this Bow and I know I have to get it. ;)
Connector Rings. The store I discovered accidentally just at the basement of our hotel. The store was selling eclectic and vintage pieces. I saw this, tried it on...and it was perfect. I am eyeing a Golden Skull accessory from the same store and like with the platform brogues I will have my final decision soon.

Another proof that there are a million stores in Ximending...on our way home from work last Monday, we just had a little detour and I bought my 1st pair of Skinny Jeans. now I have purchased items from head-to-toe.

I have already asked around for some best Night Markets within the city since this may be our last weekend here. I am planning to conquer Shilin, since I was not able to the last time...(I feel it is my Mt. Everest...) and go to other night markets that will be suggested to us.

It is a SHOPAHOLIC MONSTER's paradise here in Taipei, although a little pricey...if you look closely and more patiently you will eventually find excellent stores that will cater to your every desire. :D


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