FaDAL Collaboration:
Patrick Galang x Paelo Pedrajas X Janeth Tia

December 15th, another successful event was held at 7th High in BGC for an exclusive event by FaDAL in collaboration with Patrick Galang (Stylist and Designer),  Paelo Pedrajas (Photographer) and Janeth Tia (Make-up artist). The night was more than just a collaboration...it was also a night of Thanksgiving, looking back at FaDAL's history and success along the way. Also sharing their future endeavors for year 2012 such as AIDS awareness, collaboration with FIP (Fashion Institute of the Philippines) and their Bloggers Awards (...which I am very excited about).

The night was a huge success, not only did the talented designers of FaDAL showcased another brilliant collection in collaboration with another group of talented individuals but they have shared their success to everyone and I was lucky enough to be part of this wonderful event._
Film created by Matthew Valeriano of Versa-Vise.
...this is something fresh. New cocktail drinks were concocted for the event. My personal favorite is FaDAL..YUM
What I love about FaDAL's party are meeting people who I look up to and new people that I wanted to meet...(L-R) Karl Leuterio of Inkarlcerating, Peabo Orilla host of my favorite online talk show Ows Tokyo (...he is really funny and sweet. Check his videos at Jujiin.com) and Mike Magallanes of Toxicdiscoboy.
(L-R) Luigi Moises, Cherry Veric and FaDAL's creatur-in-chief Levenson Rodriguez
FaDAL President Jaz Cerezo
(L-R) Cherry Veric and model Anne Casas. I was able to talk to the ever sweet Cherry and he shared some of his "pasabog" for PFW...and I am so excited and hopefully will be able to work with him.
Fashion Designer Lizanne Cua and Shoe Designer legend Brian Tenorio...(I have something to share...keep reading :D)
Make-up Artist Janeth Tia
Photograper Paelo Pedrajas
Designer and Stylist Patrick Galang
Karl and JP Singson
Karl's Shoes....DELICIOUS!!!!
"The Other Woman Pt. 2" starring (L-R) Mike Magallanes, Nico Agustin and Mark Tamayo...I so love their Love triangle... :D
(L-R) Gerswin Qua and Lev
Yen Salamoding of StyleYendustry
...now this is something that I wanted to tell you about. I never thought in a million years that I would get to know the Shoe Legend: Brian Tenorio...but I did. Lev introduced me to him that night (...Lev again million million Thanks for introducing me to him!!!) and I was really starstrucked!!! I have seen his works and for me as a budding shoe designer to start my own business, this was such a HUGE DEAL. We got to talk a lot of things- Shoe Business and he provided me wonderful insights and even recommended Shoe Manufacturers in Marikina. Thank you so much Brian, it was an honor and beyond to have met you!!!
Talented Fashion Designer Jerome Salaya Ang
...now this was really something new and everyone was anticipating. Everyone had a chance to WIN 12 designer pieces from each of FaDAL member. Aside from this there are minor prizes to be given that night...(crossing my fingers that I win.)
Brian Tenorio winning the 1st prize of the night from Nico Agustin. We didn't have our business cards with us but they allowed us to write our name on anything (...tissue) and Brian had a technique and YES he won!!! :D
I really really wanted to win this prize from Levenson Rodriguez. His aesthetic and design prowess is genius...I wish I can have a Bespoke Suit soon...hehe :D
Prize from Lizanne Cua
I was also eyeing this...from Paradigm Shift. Their latest capsule collection is awesome.
...I never did won any Major awards but I was thrilled when my name was called and I won this. A 2 hours Session of Presence and Posture worth Php5000.00. I am very very happy because in my life I have never won anything from any raffle and this is the biggest prize I have received so far...Yey me!!!! :D

After all the prizes, sharing FaDAL's history and future plans it was time to unveil their collaboration with Patrick Galang. The exhibit was truly amazing!!!
Cherry Veric with his Bull Fighter themed shoot. I love everything about this, the gown that he designed and the over-all concept and flare!!! Check his work here.
The Future with Lizanne Cua, I love the fabric she has used for her design....looks glossy and almost have that "watery-feel". Very futuristic in approach. Check Zanne's work here.
Karl Leuterio and Mike Magallanes of Paradigm Shift. Love...Love...Love the concept...the color and the eclectic approach with their shoot together with the Panty Monsters.
Gerswin Qua creation. Evening gown had never looks this so regal.
Mark Tamayo and his Japanese Minimalism approach.
Dave Ocampo's young, fun and flirty creation.
Ulysses King...I still can feel his Narcosis Creation from his Spring/Summer Collection 2012.
Nico Agustin creation...this lookbook looks more of an Artwork. Genius!!!
Another of my favorites of the night. From Lev Rodriguez himself. You can really see his signature in every pieces in this shoot.

Please visit Lev's website for more details of his designs BESPOKE":
1. levensonrodriguezbespoke.com
2. levrodriguez.livejournal.com

The Uber-dramatic...the uber-sexy creation and shoot of Jaz Cerezo. Truly breathtaking and FIERCE!!!
Again...a BIG CONGRATULATIONS is in order to everyone in FaDAL. Your collaboration with Patrick Galang (Stylist and Designer),  Paelo Pedrajas (Photographer) and Janeth Tia (Make-up artist) was a huge SUCCESS and what made the night even more special is how you shared you success to everyone at 7th High. Personally I am truly honored to have been part of this event and I am super very much excited for the 2012 plans of FaDAL.

More power and can't wait to have a "little collaboration" with everyone in FaDAL.



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