_Erika Adona

...still on SLIMS Fashion Show...Erika Adona has showcased a capsule collection of 5. In her collection she regails her vision of Spring/Summer...not 2012 but Spring/Summer 2050 or so. What I loved most about her collection is the 1st two photos below wherein she uses a different non-fabric like material which I feel is so "futuristic". I also enjoyed her take on the look of our bikers wearing there protective helmets as Fashion Accessories.

Erika's collection is simple and has fewer details however what made this collection very special was the simplicity of design, the thought-process of the materials used and how clear the vision of the designer.
This dress, I really really adore. It resembles an orchid or like a delicate flower. I love the material used with the bodice where it looks like PVC or plastic that was molded to the body of the model. The shape of the skirt is very feminine as well with a "ballon-shape" style. Bravo!!!!!!
Erika Adona's version of "peek-a-boo" dress.
Helmet...more of a fashion accessory rather than a protective helmet. It reminds me of ANTM cycle 2 wear the winner took a head shot wearing a protective helmet which looked so high fashion.
Biker chick in protective yet sexy suits...
Congartulation Erika Adona...really really loved your capsule collection and your vision of the future. Your execution of the "orchid dress" is perfection and although materials are not yet widely used today, I can see our woman of today wearing this.


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