Chito Vijandre

After the Black and White Masterpieces showcased by Michael Cinco and Ezra Santos, now let us feature the exact opposite of Minimalism...ECLECTIC. Chito Vijandre showcased a Victorian-inspired collection. An era about glamour, opulent designs, loud colors and large prints.

A very strong collection of 6, I love the play of prints, pattern and color. For most, this may not be their cup of tea however for the "fearless" this would be a great opportunity to showcase the extravagant side of Fashion. With this collection, I can imagine a strong, powerful woman who somewhat lives in a place like a High Fashion Circus...there is chaos...there is exaggeration...there is deviancy...there is HIGH FASHION.
I can iimagine her as the "Madame"/ "Fashion Ring Leader" ,just imagine the play of ruffles on her top and the subtlety of the color to complement the opulent print of the skirt. the Top Hat and eyeglasses. :D
I wanted to have this walking stick so bad...
Prints on prints on prints...although the jacket and the skirt has loud, opulent prints the colors that has been used complement each pieces perfectly and is not overpowering each other...can you also see the Phyton skin gloves??? I think this was the first time I have seen one. :D
Ria Bolivar wearing gold from Jacket to Skirt. I don't know why, but with the jacket I am seeing the shape of an elephant head. The horn headpiece is simply one-of-a-kind.
The "Socialites" a Flapper inspired dress of the 1920's wearing an all gold outfit.
Headpiece...adore...adore..adore. Love how this "Flapper" inspired dress walk in the runway.
Definitely no one can miss these women as they walk the runway. Congratulations Chito Vijandre for successfully using an Eclectic fashion which looks elegant, so contemporary and so High Fashion.

This is just the start of SLIMS Haute Couture- Avant Garde Fashion Show. Will post more of my favorite pieces in the runway. Stay tuned.... :D