_Cesar Gaupo

These are the opening and closing acts for SLIMS Fashion Show last PFW S/S 2012. Cesar Gaupo showed marriage of shapes, lines, fabrics and colors. Perhaps the most prominent feature on his collection is the "wave" which celebrates curves of a female body.
Aside from lines...Cesar made sure that he incorporated interesting color scheme...like this turquoise top and earth tone skirt.
Another take on Jumpsuit...love the playfulness of the curves and the color.
At first glance, you would taught that the gem blue sash worn around the waist flows down her hips, however on 2nd look, you would notice that it is the marriage of fabric and color.
Love...love...love the Black and White evening gown

Joe Salazar

Closing the night...JOe made sure that there was "drama" into his Spring/Summer collection. His capsule collection is more of evening dresses which is very "regal" and divine.
Super love this finale dress. Black + Red, ultra powerful combination and the texture of the fabric Lace + Red Polka...you could not get anything more whimsical than these. It is amazing that with all the color and pattern and texture, the end result was a very dramatic ball gown.

Finally, I have finish showcasing the Avant Garde/ Haute Couture Collection from very talented and world renowned designers of SLIMS. This is just the beginning...I know it is quite late to be featuring the designs from Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012, however this season was the best up-to-date and it would be a shame not to showcase talented Filipino Designers.

I am struggling a bit to post a blog with all that has been going on...Work + Personal Life... but in 12 days, I will be able to concentrate on my site and will be rewarding myself with the best thing ever- Dream Job.

Till next time everyone...please check the continuation of Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012.


Photographed by Yen Salamoding and Ron Ramiro


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