Black Star

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Sleeveless Top: DIY
Carrot Pants: Taipei
Black Rubber Bracelets: Gift
Black Cocktail Ring: SM Dept Store and Taipei and Forever21
Open-toe Booties: Taipei

I think I have reacted a little too late to the new year...I don't exactly have a 2011 Year Ender post so I guess this will do. :D 2011 has its ups and downs but I am glad for both the challenges and successes for 2011. All the things I have done has brought me to where I am right now- where I wanted to be.

2012- Me and Yen decided that this will be the "YEAR OF FUN." To simply put it, "...just enjoy what we have and live everyday like it is our last day." :D There will be so many exciting things to watch out for this year. One would be the launch of my Shoe Business which I am pouring my heart and soul into it.

For my 1st LookBook Post for 2012, breaking the norm- wearing Black doesn't mean I wanted to go "emo" but since I just received another "bundle" of my black bracelet last Christmas, I was dying to wear this and I know the perfect look is somewhat Rock...well this is my version of it. :D

Hope you like it!!!

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Thank you readers, my Shopaholic Monsters (...if I have any ;p) for your continued support and trying to just take time to read my little post here. Thank you very much!!!
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...just look at my Black Rubber Bracelet. Don't they look "yummy"? Well to me they really would notice it is a little bit imbalance. Originally i wanted to put everything on my left hand but all of them would not fit through anymore.
My Chunky Rings
I hope that everyone enjoyed the Yuletide season like I did. I am wishing more blessings to come this year for everyone. Happy 2012 Shopaholic Monsters!!!

Keep Safe!!!



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