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Coat Vest: Vintage
White Polo: Black Monkey
Gray Carrot Pants: Taipei
Silver Tri-Onyx Ring: SM Dept Store
Onyx Ring: Ruins
Cocktail Ring: Taipei
Mandal Booties: Taipei
Black Leather Satchel: Taipei
Black Rubber Bracelet: Gift
Onyx Orbiting Necklace: Taipei
Amish Hat: Market Market

This is my version of the "Amish-inspired look" and is loving it so much. Amish look is currently creating a buzz in the AW Runway and decided to showcase here in Manila. I have been looking for that perfect wide-brimmed hat to go with this look and I was lucky enough to find one. Color palette is mostly neutral and I added my own vibe by using my beloved "Black Accessory Collection."

Hope you like it!!!

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As you know, I am obsessed with "OVER-ACCESSORIZING"...just like my very own Christmas Tree...:D
Yen (StyleYendustry) and Shopaholic Monster's take on Amish Look. We both love dressing up and this time with a theme. :D


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