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_Almost There...

I have never imagined that the Product Development Phase would be the hardest part in designing your own shoes. After 2 1/2 months I have seen the birth of my "babies" and it was the most wonderful feeling ever. I am happy to share the updates of THE RED PUMPS!!!
I am SUPER DUPER FREAKISHLY HAPPY..finally I can take home the finish product of our Product Development Phase. Aside from getting the finished products I made sure that I have a complete agenda for our meeting to ensure productivity:

1. Approve design and finish of the Prototypes
2. Discuss the Commercial Line to be produced
3. Choose available materials
4. Give "GO" signal to start manufacturing commercial line
I gave them my logo. When I saw this...the feeling was so surreal, seeing your own brand on your products.

By the way, this is read as R SQUARED, initial of my name. I have been using this way back in college as an Interior Designer and had such significant impact that I still wanted to use it for my Fashion Line for the The Red Pumps.
The "look" of amazement. seeing my new born child for the very first time- priceless :D
More "look" of amazement...charot!!! Honestly I never knew that the kind and talented sapateros where there checking out their hard work. Thank you for all your hard work!!! :D
"Red Dragon" ...soon I will unveil it. :D
Ate Vi, my Shoe Manufacturer and hostess has always been the most kind. For lunch she took us  to Cafe Lidia. I love Marikenyos how they promote their city. Cafe Lidia being one of the most popular Marikina restaurant.
...and truly it was. We had several meal like this Pork Belly
Chicken Kiev...which was so delish!!! Gourmet quality in a very affordable price. They are also famous from their home-baked cakes (sorry, it was so delish that I forgot to take a photo, reason why I can be a food blogger :D) The reasons why people keeps coming back. Definitely I would want to come back.

And now...a teaser of what you can expect from the launch of THE RED PUMPS

When I got home, I got the chance to lay all the shoes together and just bask in their kidding, I almost cried because I was very pleased and very happy and super excited. :D
My first collection: "MYTH" lined all together...I will be releasing teasers soon
I LOVE the Red Snake Skin I have chosen. Looks liquid and delicious!!! This pair of pumps is really bad-ass
...what is this? I have HEELESS :D
...still WIP (Work-in-progress), we are working to perfect this heel to look like a horn
Chunky tapered heel, I veered away from stiletto heels as I can just imagine how painful and difficult it is to walk in sky high heels. One of my goals is to have style + comfort (...and I hope I deliver on this)
Chunky heels...all of the heels, platforms etc are specially hand-crafted for my designs only. The reason why our product development took longer than what we have anticipated. It was worth the wait though...with our beautiful finish product. :D
Aside from my 1st collection MYTH, I have also come up with my commercial line which will be on more casual + chic + affordable + quality side. Here we have scrumptious blue Maryjane's.
I love Patent Leather. They are soft and shiny. We have the Classic Black Patent Platform Pumps
some of the tempting materials you can expect: Hair Leopard
Snakeskin in Grey...looks very chic
Platform Slingback Pumps
...truly this has been one of the most glorious days since i have started The Red Pumps. I have already gave the "GO" signal to start manufacturing my commercial pieces in bulk and will just take 2-3 weeks to accomplish everything. If everything goes smoothly then by April I can officially launch THE RED PUMPS.

I would like to say "Thank you!!!" to everyone for the support and for your patronage and patience in bearing with the delay of our launch, however I would like to assure everyone that, "All our wait will be worth it."

Please stay tuned for teasers and updates. We are going to come up with the LookBook of the collection which I am truly excited about. I will see everyone soon.

Hope you guys as excited as I am!!!

Kisses. :D

3/21/2012 02:38:43

Congrat!!! So proud of you Ron! :) kudos to you!!! Good luck!!

Ron Ramiro
3/21/2012 12:43:31

Thank you Ate Babes :D


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