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___A Business Meeting

I woke up very early today for my meeting with the Shoe Manufacturer in Marikina...This is the 3rd time I am meeting with them and I am just so excited since we are now on "Finalization Phase" before we pushed through production. Yen is accompanying me to my trip to Marikina...since I am not familiar with the place. This would be the 2nd time we will be doing MRT, regular bus, jeepney, tricycle and other modes of transportation...so far...so good...no issue with the people with me plus Yen is with me, the PERFECT COMPANY.

Since we are commuting, I am unable to bring with me Selphy- my trusty DLSR Camera. I just brought the basics- my portfolio, notebook, tablet. So I would like to apologize for blurry photos since we used Camera from our phones and tablet.

Darn it...I forgot my own Fabric swatches...I am just glad that they have their own. They do have lots and lots of Swatches to choose from. A little bit confusing and overwhelming...I don't know why however I am so ATTRACTED with glitters, shiny and sleek materials. :D
After our 2nd meeting before Christmas Holidays, I have finalized all my designs with dimension however unable to choose the materials since i have limited swatches. This 3rd meeting will be about materials...materials...and more materials to be sourced and used for the collection. :D (NOTE: "Feeling Designer ako...chos! )
I was so in love with this process. Choosing the fabric I want then stapling it to my sketches and just adding a few instructions and details. I am so happy that I get to use my tablet with this meetings...so convenient :D (I Heart Samsung)
Me and Ate Vilma...owner of the Shoe Manufacturer. I really adore her, very very very kind. Thank you so much for bearing with me. I think after 3-4 hours, this was our scene- we are RECAPPING so far what we have discussed. I love recapping, I have been using this method with my work in the BPO industry. :D (NOTE: Me, listening intently...CHOS!!! )
...walking around the warehouse. Lots and lots of SHOES!!!! I just can't wait...once we have agreed with the quotation...in 3-4 weeks time the shoes on these racks could be my BABY!!! :D  P.S. "I don't know who Manny is..."
More Photos...Ate Vilma really has a lot of clients including ones selling shoes at our beloved Malls. Love it...I am ensured of great quality and excellent Customer Service from Ate Vilma. :D
(Blurry Photo) Me... just inhaling everything. Still up to this point I can't believe that I have gambled everything that I have...but no regrets. Look where it brought me. :D
I have now a new found respect for Shoe Makers...I can say about 70-80% are hand-made and I am sure how difficult it is to make a very beautiful pair. This scene reminds me of the show I have seen on how Hermes Bags are made...same as this- HANDMADE :D
Do I look Haggard already??? Hehehe...I think I am getting use to this. I am used to dealing with Hi-end clients from my previous work...but this is so different yet I am loving every second of it. For our next phase, since we have finalized the sketch, dimension + materials...I would be waiting for the quote that Ate Vilma will be sending me.I am starting to prepare myself with the capital I have to shell out...and I know it will exceed what I initially have planned for but this is it. No turning back...I have worked so hard for this and will make sure that will turn out fine.

Once we have agreed with the quotation...it is PRODUCTION time!!! And in 3-4 weeks time I have my own BABY and maybe in time for HEART'S DAY!!!

I can't wait to share to everyone my dreams and passion. I will be asking for everyone's much needed support.

Thank you guys and Keep safe.

Have a fun weekend!!!



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