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The Olsen Twins (a.k.a Shopaholic Monster and Yendustry) celebrated something special last Sunday. We have booked a buffet dinner reservation at the brand new Acacia Hotel in Filinvest Alabang and just enjoyed breath-taking view, sinfully delicious courses and each others company.

Before I proceed...WARNING: Tons and tons of photos. (These shots are already the edited...meaning I chose the best ones although I wanted to put everything here. :D)
The Olsen Twins: Yendustry and Shopaholic Monster
...but of course, our day will not be complete not unless both of us are  "DRESSED TO KILL" and took some LookBook shots inside the hotel. What I am wearing, I am calling this my "Karma Kameleon" look. My fresh take on color blocking + layering. I just love how vibrant my colors where that night. :D
I paired it with OS Accessories and Gold Cross Connector Rings. LOVE!!!
Yen and his Flower Power, Print-on-print look. Do we dress to much??? This is how both of us LOVE Fashion so much!!! :D
We love Buffet Dinner and this time, we have booked ourselves at Acacia Hotel.
When we have arrived we took LookBook shots first...together with the JS Prom-ers kids. They were adorable...we were discussing that both of us never had that glamorous JS prom. :D
Very lovely interior of the 2nd Floor Acacia Cafe...where their buffet is set-up. I just love the high ceiling, soft lighting and the eclecticism of the chairs...LOVE
I wanted to take shots of every stations, just a little embarrassed and wasn't able to use my "ninja" skills that much. Here we have my FAVORITE STATION: Desert and White Chocolate Fountain. :D
Us checking out the buffet...before hitting it really hard. :D
Liver Patte' (tama ba spelling ko???) looks delicious. :D
Huli Ka!!! Me looking "super takaw" and forgetting my diet. :D
My 1st Plate: I had Tempura (which in any buffet is gone in 60 seconds), Maki, Chicken, Pork, appetizers. They are all so YUMMY!!! (Just talking it now...makes me really hungry again)
I always do this everytime in a buffet. I will bring sweets with me...just to change the taste once in a while. (I think my secret in binging at a buffet...lol)
2nd Plate: I tried their salad (which is delish!!), more of the Liver thing, Maki etc.
Sosyal...look at the liver patte', it comes with a special garnish...caviar. :D
3rd and last plate: Fish fillet, Sushi, Pork and squid. I think this was the first time that I ate sushi...since I am not a fan of raw stuff but this sushi was EXCELLENT. I so LOVE it!!!
...definitely one of my faves. The Liver thingy. Promise it is so tasty and so delicious.
My Sweetest Downfall...promise these little sweetest treats would be my downfall and would be the very reason I will be fat (er). How can I simply resist...they are so sinfully delicious. I was hating and loving myself at the same time eating them. :D
Decadent cake from Chocolat
Tea Time, I gulped the entire pot. I wanted to make sure that I will be releasing everything that I ate. :D I had peppermint tea.
Gifts: More bags for me :D
Promise we were both so stuffed!!!
It was raining hard after our dinner and we just couldn't leave the hotel yet to go to the open air parking so we stayed a while and just took some photos. Yen asked some plastic bag we can use to cover our DLSRs and I think the staff liked us and our colorful outfits. The Manager of the restaurant even came down to introduce herself to us.

The evening was perfect and the most excellent way to cap off the weekend!!!

I hope everyone had lovely weekends as well. I will see you guys soon. :D



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