Who Wears???

Wow!!! It has been a long time since I updated my Blog. I have been extremely super duper busy since launching The Red Pumps. Even before we launched the business, I thought I was already under emotional turmoil since I have been so much stress from designing to product development phase, however when we have launch The Red Pumps, I can say that I have been on a "emotional roller coaster." Good news is, I feel mostly happy and blessed thinking that I am finally here starting to live my DREAM. However when stress would catch up to me, I would beat myself so hard and I get a little depressed. Worries, doubts would conquer me. After my work out yesterday, everything turned out for the better, (as a Manager from my previous work) I have used my ever reliable "coaching skills" and had a one-on-one coaching session with myself. I know it sounds silly however it really helped me analyze the situation and made me think clearer. Now I know that I need to expect how hard to start a business, the stress it would bring and sooner or later (...praying really hard) all hard work will reap rewards!!!

Enough about me being emotional, I would like to share some photos that I have received from wonderful stylist. From the day we have launched the business, I have already received a couple of request to pull-out our shoes and they would be using it for their photo shoot. I was very excited of course since this would be an excellent way to reach our Market and to market our products as well. NOTE: These are shots of the shoots using Mobile Phones, so it may be a little blurry however I am just so excited to share this with everyone.
Lou Sison, GMA Talent/ Model modeling for Mosaic Boutique wearing Milan Blue Suede Platform Pumps in Chunky Heels. Loving the blue-on-blue. She also said that our shoes are very comfy!!! :D
A close-up of our shoes!!! :D
Brazilian Model Monica Mendes working The Red Pumps Pink Suede Platform Pumps. I love this set. :D
Monica twirling with a pink dress and our "crowd fave" (Chos!) Milan Blue Suede Platform Pumps in Chunky Heels.
It is already super exciting to see this preliminary shots, and when I talked to the wonderful and super kind stylist that they have wonderful shots of the shoes as well! You guys will be the first ones to see the finish products of these initial shoots.

If you haven't seen our Shoes, please visit www.theredpumps.com

I will see you guys soon!!!



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