Leather Finds

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Bowler Hat: Zara
Loafers: Bally/Vintage
Aviator Watch: Fossil
Brown Leather Satchel Bag: Marcel Straus/Vintage
Gray Denim Polo: Black Monkey
Dress Pants: Tailored
Strawberry Necklace: Vintage

I could still remember the day I went Vintage Hunting last month and I felt so lucky that I have unearthed something so rare and so beautiful. First I got my eyes with the Bally Leather Loafers. I never thought in a million years that I will find something so classic like this. 2nd purchase of the day on a different store, found this ultra vintage Satchel Bag. Both 100% leather and needs a classic ensemble to go with it. I decided to wear my dress pants, denim polo on top of black tank top. To add a little color and fun, I wore my vintage strawberry necklace.

Hope you like it!!!

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