_Skull Candy

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Sleeveless Tank: Vintage
Cropped Pants: TPE
Bowler Hat: SM
Pink Toe Oxfords: FnH
Leather Bow Bracelet: FnH
Skull Necklace: TPE
Skull Ring: TPE
White Ring: SM
Knuckle Ring: OS Accessories

I think in my previous like, I must have been an eskimo...reason I am not a fan of hot temperature specially during summer, because I sweat like crazy. It is okay whenever I am at the gym however sweating while wearing your fave outfit ruins the entire mood. This summer, I am planning to wear mostly less fabric for comfort and ease. For this look, I just paired my usual "feeling-dapper-look" with my tank with my bones/ skull accessories.

Hope you like it. :D

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Skull Candy (L-R) Skull Ring (Taipei), White Cocktail Ring (SM), Knuckle Ring (OS Accessories) and Skull Necklace (TPE)
I love this "crossing-the-street-charot" shot. :D
Till next time. Enjoy summer everyone!!!!



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