_Perouvian Wasteland

Last Saturday "The Olsen Twins" Yen and myself went to the Perouvian Wasteland, a Photo Exhibit by a world-renowned photographer Perou at the Ayala Museum. It is such a perfect opportunity for opportunity for both of us to start our New Year by immersing ourselves with ART.

A little bit quite long post and sorry for the Photo Vomit, there was just so many things that I wanted to share that day. ART- PEOPLE- FOOD!!!

Perou's Artwork
...take note of the "provocative passions" openly spied through peep holes. This is a wonderful surprise. :D
"The Banquet" for very obvious reasons. Starved vampires about to feast on 2 gorgeous people :D
Dita Von Teese
This is exciting, this is one of his "provocative passion"  openly spied through peep-holes, wherein there is a box and you have to peep through a hole to see the photograph. :D
Jessie J
Rudy De Belgeonne
famous Fashion Designer, Vivienne Westwood
my beloved Katy Perry
This is one of my faves, "Super fetish" It looks very editorial :D
This is what I wore to the event. I coined it Gold Dust. Check more photos of this look here. Yen was wearing an all blue ensemble...something we are working on what to wear during the upcoming PFW. :D
The celebrated photographer himself...Perou. I wasn't able to speak to him personally, honestly me and Yen were a little bit late for the event and I even heard that there was free sushi...That is okay though, I had a couple of cocktails and a fun time. :D
...the FOOD
There was an after party at Robot Lounge but we were really starving so the Olsen Twins decided to have dinner instead. We had dinner at Kitchen...I love their food there and the ambiance was perfect. After a whole of gym-shopping-art exhibit then this would be the perfect way to cap of the evening. :D
Yen checking the photos he took inside...
...la lang. Since I didn't had to many photos of myself (d ba pwede umisa lang ako...lol)
I so love my freaking accessories. All of them are Gold!!! perfect for my theme. One guy said in LookBook, "pwede na raw isangla." (I can already be pawned...) hehe. :D
"...waiter...waiter...my dumi yung tubig." Chos...mint on our water...cool :D
We had super thin crust Chicken B-B-Q pizza...and OMG this is so delish!!!
Seafood pasta...Yes another mouth-watering dish. Proof: I forgot to take a photo before we ate it. Hehe.
All in all, Perouvian Wasteland was a success. I had so much fun. ART + People + Booze, what more can I ask for. Well it is almost weekend and have you already planned what you are going to do? I have...I have a friend's son Party, Sunday...either go to Divi and scout some materials or to Market Market and hopefully I would be able to post it sooner compared to this very late post.

I have been so busy with The Red Pumps...just a little delay since we are having manpower issue but hopefully manufacturing can push through real soon.

Have a safe weekend everyone!!!




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