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Part Deux

When I heard that there will be a Part Deux of Bloggers United, I told myself that I have to be there. Unfortunately, the 1st one I wasn't able to attend since I have to bring Milan to a Vet. Bloggers United Part Deux will be the very first event I will be attending this December and would be the first event after my resignation in the BPO industry and would be that very perfect opportunity to get that much needed inspiration from my fellow bloggers in launching my own SHOE LINE. (...which is a very exciting enterprise)

I just couldn't wait to post this event here...all I can say is, "Shopaholic Monster truly enjoyed this event...and there should definitely a Part 3 !!! (...maybe I can be in Part 3 :D)" 

Bowler Hat: Topman, Sheer Top: Vintage, Tank Top: Vintage, Black Drop Crotch Pants and Mandal Booties: Taipei. What I wore to the event...I call this look "East meets West" Everyone may not agree, but when I look at my ensemble without the sheer top, it looks like a ninja. Hehe. But with my sheer top with bowler hat, I feel I look like an "Artsy" guy from Milan. :D
My "Fashion War Accessories"...my Rings. Just can't leave the house without my beloved varied Black Rings.
1/2 of the Olsen Twins...(Shopaholic Monster + StyleYendustry) and his Amish-inspired look.
Yen's accessories.
When the gate opened...around 11am-ish everyone was on a panic mode. Wanted to make sure to raid their favorite blogger's closet. This is a sample scene inside Treston College Gymnasium...it was an air-conditioned space however with tons and tons of people shoving each other...it can't be avoided to break a sweat or two. :D
Nicole Puentevella of Soule Phenomenon
Bosquejo hardware accessories.
Mother Becky Divine Lee, Beau Victor and Tim Yap also has their booth however when we were there from the time we left around 3pm-ish they weren't there yet. Maybe next time, I really love Ms. D and would love to have a photo taken with her.
Bjorn's space. Yen bought a floral long sleeves polo with graded wash effect. Such a great deal...
...good thing we were early since I think the first 50 got a Loot Bag (...later content of Loot bag to be shared) and one complimentary we got is a free Red Mango Yogurt...YUM!!!!
Met co-Interior Design graduate from PSID Aivan Magno. Just a talented designer. Again...Yen bought a very stylish blazer.
Aivan's chair design...certainly brings back the memory of the course that I really loved and introduced me to the world of Fashion.
OS Booth. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to go to Bloggers United. When I have found out that OS will be bringing their Vol.1 and Vol. 2 collection, I knew that I wanted to have something from their very unique and stylish collection.
Paul Jatayna of paulhighness. 1/3 of the creative mind of OS. This is the first time that I have talked to Paul...I have been seeing him on Fashion Events however was just to shy to say, "Hi." I am happy that I did, he was such a nice and warm person, hoping to see more of you.
In no time...I bought my very 1st OS piece...the bone connector rings. I am so in love with it. Most of my rings are black, I only have 2 white rings and with the OS Rings, my white ring collection can now compete with my black rings. I just can't to wear them. :D
(L-R) Mike Magallanes of Toxicdiscoboy and Karl Leuterio of Inkarlcerating, the talented duo of Paradigm Shift.
I bought 1 piece from each...both lovely shirts dress. Never a dull moment with these 2. Karl like me...resigned from being a nurse to follow his heart's desire and currently is very happy working for Gold Dot. :D
_Gelo Arucan-Waldorf...the wonderful host of the event. Gave us a very good deal with the fox tail that we purchased from him.
Yen with JP Singson. Kind enough to introduce his very fabulous line to us. :D
This is also the perfect opportunity to get to know some Fashion  Bloggers that have attended the event.
She definitely is one of the sweetest and cutest girl I have seen on the event. You can visit her blog at http://cheapskateers.blogspot.com/
JP Singson of jponfashionspeed. His accessories are amazing!!!!
Jacob Mista...is now a fashion Stylist!!! :D
Fashion Blogger and Interior Design grad Aivan Magno. Very talented....he made his leather jacket very stylish!!!!
...and look who I bumped itno. My officemates back in Dell. (L-R) Belle, Che, Georgette and Wyn
Blogger United's Loot Bag. I am so happy we got this. Inside the bag is Nivea Facial wash...then we were able to fill-up the bag with more freebies from Good Blog Award and Tomato. Love's it!!!!!!
Items I bought from Karl and Mike- Dress shirts!!! I can't wait to wear them.
...really really (as in really...talaga) affordable items. Price tags for each yet I was able to get each for only 100 bucks...Thank you girls. :D
...finally our very own Fox Tail. Bought from Gelo's booth and gave us a very special discount. I was supposed to buy Fox tails back in TPE however was a little to expensive for me...good thing I found one here.
...and my most favorite purchase of the day. Bone Connector Ring from OS Vol. 2. I am so happy that finally I have a piece of OS and hopefully will have more.

Starting the month of December and the very 1st event I attended after resigining from work is truly memorable and worthwhile. I am glad that I was part of Bloggers United part Deux...supporting fellow Fashion Bloggers and raiding their very own closet...definitely Part 3 should be in order.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their day as much as I enjoyed my day. Shopaholic Monster in Bloggers United. :D



12/03/2011 18:35

Thanks for sharing! I was wondering what happened in the event.. I missed it :( I super loove the design of that chair you featured! Would love to have a set at home!

I love the way you present things, will be back here ;)

Shopaholic Monster
12/04/2011 03:06

Ruth, Thank you very much for dropping by. It was really a fun fun event and I hope that there will be a part 3 :D

12/04/2011 11:51

Nice meeting you, Ron! Ngayon ko lang na-digest na you were about to leave when I stopped you guys and promote my booth. Hahaha

May I steal some of your photos? Thank youuuuu :)

12/04/2011 23:20

Thank you so much for supporting Bloggers United! :) Till the next!

Shopaholic Monster
12/05/2011 01:00

Aivan...it was our pleasure meeting you at Bloggers United. Yes you may get photos here, no prob. See you soon :D

Shopaholic Monster
12/05/2011 01:02

Ana.. thank you as well. Bloggers United is such a huge success and such a fun fun fun event :D There should be part 3


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