_Martin Bautista

Fabrics and cuts are as important as the actual design of the ensemble itself...this is what SLIMS Alumni and Designer Martin Bautistta showcased during the recently concluded PFW S/S 2012 collection. Martin made used of exquisite fabrics made even richer by the cuts that showed some skin which doesn't scream vulgarity, yet the exact opposite showing elegance and finesse with his evening gown collection.
If not perfected and carefully thought of, showing too much skin would translate into something vulgar, cheap and inexpensive. However with this gown, cut was very flattering to a woman's body, elongating her torso and legs and giving that illusion of height which everyone dreams of. Showing skin yet in the right places which exudes sexiness and glamor at the same time.
The back side of this dress is very modern and contemporary, chic and very sexy. (I am sorry I am unable to feature, wasn't able to capture a perfect shot)
Golden Dress
Leather for summer? Why not, if cut properly, then material would give ample space for air to come in.
The grand "Golden Dress", I so adore this one, exudes power and elegance at the same time. Like with my favorite saying, "Go for GOLD!!!" :D
Congratulations Martin for a very modern and contemporary evening look collection for Spring/ Summer 2012.

Photographed by Yen Salamoding and Ron Ramiro



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