Ezra Santos

SLIMS definitely has a good set of alumni...next of my favorite designer is Ezra Santos who is also based in Dubai and showed his Haute Couture/ Avant Garde collection in Philippine Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2012. Only two colors dominated the runway- BLACK + WHITE. His inspiration and message was very clear, The Epic Battle of Good vs. Evil, Light and Darkness...in this case Pure White Angels versus High Fashion Fallen Angels.

Now this is a FASHION WAR!!!! :D
The "winged" White Angels...I just adore the High Fashion Spoulders which resembles Angel Wings.
"Single winged" Angel...showing a little of skin
Over-all styling of the models from head to toe is simply perfection. From the lace mask to the jeweled neck piece, draping that was made simple and very elegant to the platform shoes that complemented the outfit.
The Dark Angels was more on the edgier and dangerous side...many of Ezra's pieces of the dark Angels showed intricate detailing with the jewels on the dresses. I just can't imagine how much time and effort was placed in every single outfit.
They are already Fallen Angels, thus their wings have already been "clipped off" compared to the wings of the White Angels.
...when this came out, It was so dramatic on how the cape was wrapped around a jeweled resort wear.
Haute Couture!!!!!!!!!!!
This was certainly the best part of the entire show...when Marina walked out the runway she was holding a part of the dress around her body like a "fur coat" then released...came out this Haute Couture Wedding Gown...The Queen of White Angels has arrived and the winner has been decided...
This is the perfect way to cap of your Spring/ Summer- Haute Couture/ Avant Garde 2012 collection.
...more High Fashion to come. Stay tuned!!! :D



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